Knowing how to prepare a perfect fresh pasta requires some remarkable technical skills and it is for this reason that in the Cozzi company we introduced the professional pasta making courses necessary to learn the main types of pasta, including:

  • fresh pasta
  • dry pasta
  • fresh pasta
  • organic pasta
  • baked pasta
  • gluten-free pasta

In the world there are endless types of pasta. Only in Italy we have more than 500 pasta shapes, without considering the regional formats!

Aldo Cozzi, thanks to his experience of over 30 years in the world of pasta as Pastaio, offers a course of fresh pasta to learn the preparation of pasta in all known types: fresh pasta, dry pasta, egg pasta, pasta without gluten.

The professional pasta course is aimed at pasta factories, restaurants, farms, take away … who wish to embark on a path of professional growth in the world of fresh and dried pasta and who want to invest in a craft or want to expand their knowledge for make their passion become a job.


Objectives of the fresh pasta course

Courses fresh pasta chef

In recent years there have been more and more private individuals and companies investing to open a pasta factory for the production of fresh pasta.

The fresh pasta sector is constantly expanding. The pasta is now spread all over the world but not everyone knows how to produce it and combine it in the right way as well as to make a suitable preservation.

The goal of the Fresh Pasta Courses Aldo Cozzi is to train a professional figure complete in every aspect in the world of fresh pasta.

The main objectives of the course for pasta makers are:

  • Produce fresh and stuffed pasta for pasta factories and artisan workshops
  • Produce and store fresh pasta for restaurants and hotels.
  • Produce ready pasta dishes, sauces, sauces and condiments for consumption on site and for take away.


How the pasta course is structured

The program of the fresh and dried pasta course offers participants a 360 ° view of the world of pasta.

The course is taught by qualified instructors with extensive experience and is structured as follows:

  • Participation in all practical activities in attendance, theoretical lessons, demonstrations, educational exercises
  • Exclusive access to handouts and recipe books
  • Lunch and coffee break during the course period
  • An apron with the Aldo Cozzi brand
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Access reserved to the production department of the company Aldo Cozzi, with practical demonstration on the machinery

We, as experienced pasta technicians, will provide you with everything you need and we will advise you to the best, choosing the most suitable pasta machines according to your local traditions and the most requested products in your area.


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