Positive sign is the export of pasta. As officially announced during the annual meeting of the association of the Italian sweet and pastry industries (Aidepi) in 2012, the confectionery export scored a + 11% in value and a + 6.2% in volume, exceeding 3 billion euros.

Export Pasta to all go

The trend in pasta is also good, as it continues to grow on foreign markets, with an increase of 1.8% in volumes in 2011, to 1,802,750 tons, for a value of 1,940 million euros (+ 6.8%) .

Strong interest in Italian pasta was demonstrated by China (+ 60.1%) and Ukraine (+ 32.5%).

On the other hand, the confectionery sector recorded real exploits in Turkey (+ 133%) and Algeria (+ 62.5%).

Among the various desserts, the best results achieved in 2012 were chocolate: it reached a + 6% in value for finished products, for a total of 4.835 million euro, added to the semi-finished products.

The production of the two sectors also increased; for the confectionery sector + 2.7% over 2011, to 1,945,650 tons and worth over 13 billion euro.

For pasta, production was worth more than 4,600 million euros (equal to 3,326,750 tons).


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