Business plan to open a pasta bar take away

Business Plan to Open a Pasta Bar Take Away

Fresh Pasta becomes Take Away: a new business and new investment opportunities. More and more are the requests to open a fresh take away pasta and more and more are the Business Plans that we provide to our customers to evaluate the opportunity to open a take away pasta factory.

The position of your place is extremely important. You will have to choose a place where there are nearby shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, delis, etc … but you have to choose one near offices, schools, factories, historic centers, tourist attractions, etc … in order to serve all customers who need a “take and go” meal. Take Away translation.

In recent years the costs for raw materials have increased but, despite everything, producing fresh pasta is still a very good business in continuous growth and profit margins are still considerable: the cost of raw materials is approximately 20% compared to the selling price of final product.

Fresh pasta is the flagship of Italian gastronomy, a tradition that is part of us, of our country. A country that increasingly holds the Made in Italy.

If you are thinking about opening a pasta factory you must first design and evaluate the idea, for this reason Aldo Cozzi offers you a consulting and training service before the opening of your pasta factory.

Thanks to our fresh pasta courses you will be able to perfectly use the machines for fresh pasta, to make pasta, to know doughs, fillings and sauces.

Together we will design your premises and put down your business plan to open a pasta factory.

To start with your take away, there are few facilities like tables, shelves and shelves, but the most important of all is the passion and tradition for Made in Italy!

People today want to enjoy a fresh and good product and want to stop and eat something different from the usual sandwich.

The interest shown in this new type of activity is very innovative and convenient for those who are close to offices, schools, historic centers, etc … and is an excellent opportunity to capture a large clientele.


How does a Pasta Bar Take Away?

Come funziona un take away di pasta fresca?

Simple: just choose the size of the portion, the type of fresh pasta you want and the sauce with which to dress it. The cooks/pasta makers cook and season the pasta at the moment, one by one adding the sauce required.

Speaking of fillings and sauces for fresh pasta you will be spoiled for choice and you can give the go-ahead to your imagination. Customers always expect something new to taste for this is important to have many types of fresh pasta and condiments to be offered.

Once cooked the pasta and seasoned is placed in a container that can also be placed in the microwave oven. This is the perfect solution for those who leave the office and must take “on the fly” a portion of pasta or ravioli and go home to taste them hot.

Usually the take away of fresh pasta does not provide table service but rather provides for the consumption inside the room.

Are you interested in opening a fresh take away pasta? Do you want to design your restaurant and roll out a business plan to open a take away pasta?
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