Digital Pasta Take Away

Digital Pasta Take Away, delivery times are essential

It often happens that the time for a lunch break is short. This leads to choosing the so-called “lunch on the fly”. Nowadays there are many people who choose a quick and “easy” lunch break, in order to avoid long waiting times at the restaurant.

Pasta Take Away is a service/solution increasingly sought after by our customers (and that will be for your future!)

Your target customers will be workers and students in the vicinity of companies/offices and schools. You will have to create special offers dedicated to this customer segment, and we are not talking about the simple “discount” or “free delivery” with a tot. of spending, but we are talking about satisfying the customer by offering him a perfect product.

The timing is fundamental. Let us remember that our target customers are workers on a lunch break and that we can not afford to get them to work late or to eat our plate of fresh pasta in 2 seconds.

Obviously not to be neglected will be the location of the room, in fact this will affect 70% of your success. You will need to find a room that is well located near offices and schools.

Regarding the timing, it is necessary to have a good order management (perhaps digitizing them with an order dedicated APP) and start to prepare them before the customer is there to pick up.

We are talking about the Digital Pasta Take Away, an even more revolutionized and innovative take away concept. The possibility of booking a plate of fresh pasta online through your APP could involve more the new generations (but not only) who are increasingly using smartphones.

Finally, you will need to have a good presence on your online channels (social media and website). This will be a great way to keep your customers up-to-date on news or to be found by new customers and show them your proposals.

What do we mean by “perfect product”?

Tasty, well presented, that does not arrive absolutely cold or overturned. These are all essential details to ensure that your customer is satisfied and returns to you.

For the containment of pasta you can use special containers for take away, designed specifically to allow the transport of foodstuff without reversing or altering the properties of the product during transport.

Another point not to be overlooked is the variety of offers. Always offer new products, introduce novelties, new dishes, variety of fillings and sauces for your pasta, propose menus and other products.

According to some research conducted by Unioncamere in 2018 there was a + 17% of Italian companies that offer a take away service and 3 Italians out of 5 in recent months have ordered a “take away” lunch.

The opportunity is good. For 40 years we have been designing and manufacturing pasta machines of all sizes.
What differentiates us from others? Consulting and training.

In fact we will accompany you in every phase of development of your project until the opening of your take away pasta factory.

There are many aspects to take into account when deciding to undertake this type of activity and we are here for it!

Are you interested in this project? Write us your ideas, we will be happy to study them together and propose the best solution for your take away pasta.


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