Vacuum packaging of fresh pasta

Vacuum packaging of fresh pasta

Vacuum packaging of fresh pasta. Use GAS in the production of fresh pasta? It can be a valid alternative in the world of pasta.

The use of GAS in the sector of pasteurized fresh pasta production is increasingly widespread.

Quality is now indisputable and there are many advantages in terms of pasta quality.

There are several applications in which these GAS are used, in all processes: from the production of fresh pasta to the dough up to packaging and transport.


The vacuum for storage and cooking

Vacuum packaging of food or fresh pasta in particular is a very useful preservation technique in the kitchen and in distribution.

Thanks to this packaging system we can slow down the growth of most of the microorganisms that need oxygen to proliferate.

This technique makes it possible to exploit enormous advantages for an active, even from an economic point of view, such as:

  • optimize purchases
  • effectively schedule weekly work
  • avoid waste
  • expand the menu and the proposal of products to customers
  • rationalize the space in the refrigerator
  • propose a hygienically preserved and therefore qualitatively better product

All these points are possible thanks to the purchase of a professional vacuum chamber machine and the use of special bags.


Long life for food

All products that are vacuum-packed and / or stored at low temperatures are kept longer, increasing the so-called “shelf-life“, without compromising the organoleptic aspects such as:

  • the quality
  • color
  • the aroma
  • the taste


When is the modified atmosphere needed?

With the vacuum packaging in modified atmosphere (MAP), the air is removed and calibrated gas mixtures are introduced into the bag which effectively combat the natural decadence of the product, prolong its life, control humidity and prevent the product from being crushed.


Vacuum cooking

In vacuum cooking water boils at a temperature below 100 ° C and this preserves the most sensitive food components. Many useful elements such as vitamins, proteins and fats besides the perfumed substances remain unchanged. This technique involves the use of special heat-resistant vacuum bags.

HYGIENE, QUALITY, ASPECT, FRESHNESS are all factors that are kept intact over time.

This translates into: INTERESTING THE QUALITY OF FOOD for a period of time considerably longer than normal.

Some advantages are:

  1. Prolonged shelf life up to 5 times the traditional duration
  2. Economic savings by eliminating waste and optimizing purchases
  3. Reduction of storage space in the refrigerator (this is because packaged products can also be stored one on top of the other without losing their taste, color and odor)
  4. Work planning (it is possible to take advantage of “dead” times for product preparation and packaging)


What can I vacuum pack?

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Cheeses
  • Vegetables
  • Fresh pasta
  • Sauces
  • Fruit

These are all foods that can be vacuum packed.

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