LEARN TO DO PASTA: Egg, Stuffed and Dried.

Open a pasta factory

Opening a pasta factory of fresh, dried pasta, organic pasta or gluten-free for celiacs is a sure-fire initiative if you offer a good and tasty product like the homemade one.

Extremely important is the choice of equipment we need for the start-up of a pasta factory and that comply with the legislation on hygiene.

Before starting the activity, training through the use of machines and the production of fresh pasta is recommended.

Another important aspect before opening is the choice of the type of product that you intend to produce and the area you want to serve.

The goal is to provide its products to restaurants, cottages, delicatessens, supermarkets … and not only to final consumers.

Being a handmade product “home made” is of a higher level than what the industrial brands produce, so we must consider a clientele who prefers to spend a little more and buy healthy food.

So, to develop this type of activity, it is necessary to give the customer quality products, which stimulate the palate, but above all they go against his needs.


What it takes to open a pasta factory

To start a pasta factory you can start by equipping yourself with a small room of 40/50 square meters, which must be complete with everything necessary for the preparation of the pasta and the relative sale of the product itself.

In general, a small pasta factory can be managed by family or in any case with 2/3 people.


To prepare you need:

  • A stainless steel work table
  • A 30 liter kneader
  • 700/1400 liter refrigerator, positive and negative
  • A mincing / grating group

When it comes to stuffed and non-filled pasta machines, you need:


Collage pasta machines
Cappelletti, gnocchi, combined machine, extruder, cutter, ravioli machine, drier and automatic dough sheeter.


If you want to also produce dry pasta, you need a press to produce any pasta format.

Subsequently, it is necessary to also have an automatic dryer for the duration of the dough according to CE rules of two years.

Any packaging can be done manually or with a weigher and packaging machine to automatically package the finished product.


Kitchen 6 burners with oven

For the cooking:

  • A 4/6-burner stove with oven
  • A sink
  • A suction hood

Refrigerated display counterFor the sale:

  • Refrigerated display counter
  • Electronic scale
  • Cash register to issue sales receipt


ALDO COZZI has always offered its customers a service to know what it takes to start a business of this type advising you the best.

In collaboration with we offer you the opportunity to purchase all kinds of equipment for your pasta factory, both new and second-hand.

To open a pasta factory you do not need particularly high investments or sophisticated technical knowledge.

To open a pasta factory you do not need particularly high investments or sophisticated technical knowledge.
This is why we provide at the beginning of the activity a course on pasta and the use of the machines with a pasta maker so that you can teach the recipes, the dough, the stuffing, the egg pasta, the use and the maintenance of the machines, etc … as well as to introduce you to the EEC regulations of the sector, and as you can see there are good reasons to believe that starting a fresh pasta shop, today, can still be a good idea to work on your own.

Today there are many possibilities to open a fresh pasta production activity, also with the help of regional, state and European contributions and funding. (For this we invite you to read further below … where we talk about incentives, facilities, etc … for pasta factories).


The pasta business also abroad

The business of pasta, because it is convenient to open a pasta factory

Doing business with pasta? The initiative is interesting with many outlets also abroad.

Abroad, the market is very wide and open.

However, there are other sectors, and therefore not only with traditional fresh and stuffed pasta, but also with “cooked and eaten” products such as lasagna, cannelloni … etc. ready to cook and eat!


The economic performance of a fresh pasta shop

The economic performance depends on the ability of the manager not only to create and sell a product of the highest quality, but also and above all to know how to diversify the offer and the clientele.

In the first case, in addition to fresh pasta, the operator can also produce and sell sauces to dress it.

You can also think about the production and sale of dried pasta, or portions already ready and seasoned, very useful for those who do not even have time to boil water.

In the second, however, it is advisable to make agreements with restaurants in the area, as they always need fresh pasta.

Following these indications it is possible to make monthly earnings close to about 3,000 euros, thus managing to amortize initial expenses within a few years.


Incentives, subsidies and grants for the opening of the pasta factory

The Italian State provides young entrepreneurs with various incentives, subsidies and grants for the opening of your pasta factory.

One of these incentives is that made available by Invitalia, dedicated to all under 35 entrepreneurs of the “mezzogiorno” of Italy, with incentives for the opening up to 40 thousand euros.

This is just one of the many incentives and contributions for the opening of pasta factories.

Aldo Cozzi offers you the opportunity to take advantage of these advantages of the state in more by buying used pasta machines. One of our strengths is the used one, where we have a large fleet of 2000 square meters machinery, completely overhauled and guaranteed.


Opening project. Planimetry, business plan and choice of machinery

Aldo Cozzi offers a pre-opening service for your pasta factory. Together we will choose the pasta shapes you produce and also the machines you need and which are best suited to your needs, going to find the right compromise between new pasta machines and used pasta machines (completely overhauled and guaranteed by our pasta technicians).

We accompany you in the drafting of your project, from the design of the room with its detailed plan to the business plan… also finding the INCENTIVES AND FACILITIES.


Accompaniment to the opening of your fresh pasta shop

If we will serve you, we will provide everything you need to start producing fresh pasta in your store.

Starting from the training to the sale of the product and the “tricks” to sell fresh pasta, to the teaching for the use of our machines (very simple, safe and reliable), transmitting you by wire and by sign all the “little secrets” of pasta makers, matured in over 40 years of experience in the pasta industry.


What you need to open (bureaucratic part):

  • VAT number opened
  • Registration in the business register
  • Registration of craft enterprises
  • Health authorization of the ASL of competence for the laboratory and HACCP for food hygiene
  • Municipal authorization for sale

Contact us to get all the information and start writing your project! Start a pasta factory, it’s easy!

Write to us to arrange an appointment and choose the most suitable machinery


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Open a pasta factory for the production of fresh, dried and egg pasta
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Open a pasta factory for the production of fresh, dried and egg pasta
Open a pasta factory of fresh pasta, dry pasta, organic pasta or gluten-free for celiacs is an initiative of sure success if you will offer a good product like the artisanal one.
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