Pasta Bar Take Away is one of the most innovative and functional current solutions. A new concept of fresh pasta.
Nowadays, the time to consume a healthy meal is very little, so we thought about a solution studied ad hoc. We are talking about the Pasta Take Away, a solution suitable for small spaces and a small investment.

Aldo Cozzi offers you a new solution to open a pasta bar take away. The fresh pasta shop ready to be tasted inside the restaurant or taken away.

Thanks to the new solution of the Pasta Take Away you can offer ready-made meals based on fresh pasta, all produced and cooked in front of the customer, who can decide whether to taste the product directly in the room or take it away with take-away packs.

How to open a Pasta Bar Take Away?
A wide choice of pasta and condiments that you can produce with our machines and offer the customer: from the classic short and long pasta such as spaghetti and fusilli stuffed pasta like ravioli, to the typical dishes such as lasagne and cannelloni.

With our machines you can also use organic and integral flours in order to satisfy the palate of a large clientele.

This solution is aimed at all those people who want to start a new business even with no experience, but also for those already working in the food service industry or those who want to vary their activities, thus offering the opportunity to serve the consumer a good dish fresh pasta and quickly and the ability to be able to serve those customers who for reasons of work or another can not be absent from the office in the lunch, thanks to Aldo Cozzi FOOD solution can also offer the service TAKE AWAY with home delivery and in this way you will expand your customers.

Pasta Food Take Away 2018 - Aldo Cozzi Pasta Machines

What characteristics must the room have?

To start with your Pasta Take Away, the restaurant must have the following characteristics:

  • A square footage ranging from 30 to 50 square meters with the possibility of having a chimney
  • Connection to the three-phase power grid (even if our machines can operate in single phase)
  • Connection to the water network


Which machines and equipment do they need?

The Pasta Take Take Away solution includes 2 simple pasta machines:

  • The new ACP-80 model bench pasta extruder equipped with sheet wrappers to make work easier
  • The table ravioli machine model ACR-90 that with its molds makes it possible to make various formats of filled pasta
  • Two refrigerators, one negative and one positive for the preservation of products
  • A meat grinder with grating for fillings and a slicer
  • 2 induction plates for cooking
  • A 2-bowl sink with drainer and 2 stainless steel neutral tables
  • Pasta Cookers
  • Convention oven
  • Neutral sales counter

HOURLY PRODUCTION20 Kg/h about40 ÷ 120 ravioli/min
SUPPLYMono/Three Phase 220/380VMono/Three Phase 220/380V
MEASUREScm 50 x 70 x 127 hcm 44 x 45 x 66 h
WEIGHT130 Kg44 Kg

Of course this will include training in the use of our pasta machines and training for the production of pasta and ready meals.

We will also provide you with a recipe book and the “little secrets” of pasta made in over 40 years of experience.


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