Commercial Pasta Machines & Pasta Equipment

Commercial Professional Fresh pasta machines, Pasta Extruders, Ravioli Machine & Combined Pasta Machines.

Combined automatic machine
Press PC 75 small medium production pasta
Ravioli machine
Cappelletti machine
Knead, sheeter, cut
Gnocchi machine
Machine for pasta extruded
Cutter for pasta
Nests machine
Semi automatic sheeter
Automatic sheeter
Industrial line of cappelletti
Kneading machine

Pasta Equipment for Treatment of Pasta

Professional Pasta Equipment Dryers for Dried Pasta and Pasteurizers

Drier for pasta
Pre dryer Trabatto
Pre dryer

Pasta Factory Equipment

Professional Equipment for Pasta Factories: Pasta packaging, sterilization of pasta trays, accessories for pasta machines, conveyor belts.

Vaccum packaging machine
Scales and vibrating tapes
Sterilizer for pasta
A wide range of commercial pasta machines, since 1973 with you for you.