Pasta driers are machines suitable for exsiccation, processing and drying short pasta, long pasta and stuffed pasta.

Characteristics of pasta dryers

Cell suitable for the drying of pasta (short pasta, long and stuffed pasta, pasteurized and fruit and vegetables like mushrooms, fruit, vegetables …)

  • The structure is made of 50mm sheet steel panels, externally painted white with hypoallergenic epoxy paints and filled with polyurethane foam. This type of structure offers better insulation and soundproofing as well as greater strength of the structure.
  • The air can be heated by means of electric heaters or batteries of hot water heat exchangers, equipped with drying frames in evaporated fir wood, with a polyester food net. The latter are placed on stainless steel trolleys with teflon swivel wheels that ensure an easy and safe movement of the dryer.
  • Capacity of 200 kg / cycle (each frame has a capacity of about 4 kg of pasta) with a duration of about 10-14 hours (variable duration depending on the product and processing)
  • Fans for forced air circulation
  • Control panel from which the various functions are set and the work and pause cycles are checked
  • 60×120 cm frames

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