Models TB 100 / TB 200 / TB 300

Pasta “trabatti” are suitable machines for pre-drying and separation of fresh, stuffed and pasteurized pastes.

Luminaires with vibrating surfaces, entirely made of stainless steel.

Movement, ventilation and heating allow to separate the product, preserve its original shape and dry it superficially, so that it can be easily packaged, eliminating a percentage of humidity and prolonging its conservation.

Pre-drier for pasta - Aldo Cozzi Sas
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Vibrating trabatti for pasta


Mod. TG 100 / TG 200 / TG 300

Trabatti TG model for cooling gnocchi and pre-drying.

Structure made of stainless steel.

Vibrating floor unit with electrically heated ventilation.

Composed of:

  • Main tubular structure complete with quickly removable external panels in 304 stainless steel
  • N. 7 vibrating floors with interchangeable net
  • Vibrating unit with adjustable intensity and speed
  • Tangential fans for internal air movement
  • Thermo-resistances or water coil

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TB 100100 Kg/h3 Kw2300 x 720 x 1200h
TB 200210 Kg/h5 Kw2800 X 790 X 1470
TB 300310 Kg/h5,5 Kw3200 x 920 x 1300h
TB100R Trabatto pre-drier for pasta