The testimonies of our customers to whom we have started their pasta factory.


One of our Manchester England customers (Wellocks)

He not only has the experience of owning 11 pasta shops in and around Milan but also using this knowledge he took to engineering and is building pasta making machines that are renowned the world over.

Two days of working together with Aldo and his son Mirko, going through the processes of how the various machines work and seeing the pasta in its various forms being produced, convinced me that we had come to the right place and to the right the man. At every stage he shared his secrets of great pasta making, including the ingredients that I am sure will just lead us directly to producing the ‘perfect pasta’.

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For over 40 years we are producers of pasta machines, we have started a large and extensive quantity of pasta factories for the production of pasta. We deal with the design and sale of pasta machines, as well as the start-up of pasta factories.

Since 1973 we design and build with you for you.